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2019: A Year in Review | Wisconsin Lifestyle Photography

2019. Man, what a year. Check out last year's Year In Review right here. In 2018, I invested in my business in a pretty big way and this year felt like a dream, implementing and setting everything I learned last year into place. This time last year, I was still recovering from being diagnosed with a severe lung infection that almost killed me. Every single part of me was aching for Spring and nice weather and wedding season and being busy again. 2019 felt like a giant leap of faith for me, and I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me over the last year as I've built up this business of mine. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to wake up and do what I love every single d

30-Second Dance Party: December | Wisconsin Lifestyle Photography | Playlist

It's like the end of an era, guys. I have loved sharing these playlists this year, but now it's time for something new! It's hard to believe tomorrow is the last day of 2019... Expect a double post from me this week because tomorrow my annual Year in Review is going up! 2019 has been an absolute dream come true for me, and you bet I'm sending it off with a thirty-second dance party for good measure. Bring it on, 2020! As always, listen below or on Spotify!

Larsen, WI | At-Home Lifestyle Family Photography | The Geffers Family

Y'all know that I love family sessions with littles, but this session with big kids was SO MUCH FUN! Victoria, the eldest daughter, and her siblings wanted to gift their parents some professional photos as a very early Christmas present—ten years had passed since they last had photos done! This family was such a blast to hang out with. They laughed and joked and you could feel all the joy in the air. They also have animals. And if anyone remembers anything from this senior session, you might remember that I LOVE ANIMALS. I had so much fun photographing their horses and watching their youngest, Tiffany, ride one of the horses around the corral. I fell in love with their pony, Shorty. Their do

Currently: December | Wisconsin Lifestyle Photography | Behind the Scenes

Shaking my head because this is my last Currently post of 2019! Living in this cozy handmade hat from The Small Town Co.! Drinking all the Nutella Hot Chocolate out of my favorite Christmas mug... watch my Instagram for the recipe soon! Craving homemade Chex Mix and Christmas cookies. Listening to "Love You For A Long Time" by Maggie Rogers on repeat. Decorating for Christmas with Justin's family. Celebrating finishing my Christmas shopping in November so I'm not scrambling like usual for gifts, haha! Gifting these mugs to my nephews, this one to my mom, and these wine glasses to my best friends + Justin's sister! Thinking about goals and what I want to achieve next year. Watching Gilmore Gi

Waupaca County Fair | Weyauwega, WI | Lifestyle Photography

Fair warning: There are hardly any people in these photos. (Ha, see what I did there?) But there are cow butts and cute little pig snoots! I figured it's December and it's officially winter so maybe we could all use a little reminder of summer. ...Just me? No? I thought so. You guys are my kinda people! I'm just dreaming out loud here, but I've always had the idea in my back pocket of doing an engagement session or a family session at the county fair... or State Fair, or Chocolate Fest. My camera doesn't judge. (A carnival's a carnival, amiright?!) Someone please, make my day and make this dream of mine come true. PLEASE. Keep scrolling to see more pops of color to get you through these dark

30-Second Dance Party: November | Wisconsin Lifestyle Photography | Playlist

Honestly, when November started, I thought it was going to be kinda chill, lots of coffee, catching up on editing... y'know, a little change of pace from October. And then I ended up booking sessions almost every weekend and bundling up and braving the cold, but the images that I made this month may be some of my very favorites. I'm alternating between coffee and hot cocoa while I edit. Everything will be hitting the blog in... April, I think? ;) If you're waiting on images from me, thank you for being patient! In other news: 2020 pricing goes into effect on January 1! If you're getting married, need family photos, want to be super on top of your senior photos... now's your chance. You still

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