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This is My Business Story, Part 7: Grief and How It Changed My Life

PART SEVEN: Grief and How It Changed My Life Confused? Read Part 6 here! Grab a cup of coffee, friends! This is a long one! *** So we left off at coffee pictures and how I discovered my love of knitting and rediscovered my love of scrapbooking. It was August 2015. My mom had called me on an otherwise normal Wednesday morning to tell me that my grandma was in the hospital with suspected pneumonia. I flew into a frenzy, rearranging my work schedule and throwing clothes into an overnight bag. I knew in my gut that this trip home was going to be important and life-changing before I even got in the car for my three-hour journey home. I hastily kissed Justin goodbye and promised to message him whe

Main Street | Waupaca, WI | Lifestyle Engagement Photography | Emma & Trent

Emma and Trent are getting married at the end of July at Mercantile Hall in Burlington. For their engagement session, they road-tripped up to me in Waupaca and I had a blast showing them around my favorite nooks and crannies of my small downtown. Emma's son, Louie, also tagged along for some photos and look at how cute he is! And, like I told Emma and Trent when we were walking back to our cars, at least he saved the puddle jumping for after we were done with photos, haha. Keep scrolling to see more from their downtown engagement session!

This is My Business Story, Part 6: #annalovesmornings

PART SIX: #annalovesmornings Confused? Read Part 5 here We’re backtracking for a moment. I know that I kind of left you all on a cliffhanger last week, but I need to talk about coffee and how it saved my life before I dive into grief and how it changed my life. *** If you follow me on Instagram, chances are you may have noticed the coffee pictures littered through my feed. If you’ve been following me for long enough, you may remember when the coffee pictures were pretty much the only thing in my feed! And, if you’ve been following me for longer than that: Well, first of all… Bravo! And thank you! And second of all, if you’ve been following me for that long, you may remember when this journey

Currently: May | Wisconsin Lifestyle Photography | Behind the Scenes

Wearing all my Walk in Love shirts and this pretty skirt from Amazon. Listening to my dance party playlist on repeat. Finally finishing Jessica Simpson's memoir, Open Book. Watching Good Girls + all the versions of A Star is Born... Streisand is my favorite. Celebrating spring! And being able to get back to work again. Counting down to all my engagement sessions the first weekend in June. Working on My Business Story + some graduation pics Abby and I did over the weekend! Throwing confetti around, because if there were ever a time to celebrate the little things, this is it. Playing around with Template app to share galleries and stories on Instagram. Drinking coffee out of a new mug from Kel

This is my Business Story, Part 5: Welcome to Hardee’s, Please Stop Walking On My Wet Floor

PART FIVE: Welcome to Hardee’s, Please Stop Walking On My Wet Floor Confused? Read Part 4 here When I worked at Hardee’s, I always joked that when I sat down to write out my memoirs, I was going to name the chapter about the happy star, “Welcome to Hardee’s, Please Stop Walking On My Wet Floor” after re-mopping the lobby queue so many times every night. Well, here I am guys, making good on my promise! *** After moving to Waupaca, I interviewed at a few different places before landing my Hardee’s interview. I remember the day I got the call from the general manager at Hardee’s. I had gotten up early that morning, made coffee while Justin’s mom was at work. I was sitting in the living room, fo

Pamperin Park | Green Bay, WI | Lifestyle Engagement Photography | Tiffany + Jordan

Winter engagement sessions are definitely something I can get behind! The cold weather makes the perfect excuse to cuddle up and squeeze your sweetie a little tighter. Tiffany and Jordan met up with me at their wedding venue on the perfect Saturday after we had just gotten a fresh snowfall. Pro tip: If we're going to some place with a substantial amount of snow for your engagement session, bring snow boots! And pack a pair of dry socks to keep in your car for after our session. Their pup, Nelson, got in a few pictures with them too. And he's going to be walking down the aisle at their wedding looking so cute! I can't wait for their wedding in September. Also, small world, Tiffany and Morgan,

This is My Business Story, Part 4: Building A Business + Burn Out

PART FOUR: Building a Business + Burn Out Confused? Read Part Three here! I can pretty much split 2012 into two even parts called The Bad and The Good. 2012 started off on January 1 with me being alone at the studio, photographing for the first time, and having a breakdown in an empty camera room over things that were way beyond my control. For the first six months of 2012, I felt lost. Like I was wandering around in the dark and had no flashlights and no way out. I had just started photographing at the studio after the Christmas rush was over, and found myself playing the comparison game. Not only to my co-workers photos, but to the photos that I had taken on my own and I knew I could do be

South Park | Waupaca, WI | Lifestyle Photography | Abby Perket

When I posted photos from the Waupaca County Fair on Instagram, I mentioned my "photography bucket list." On that list was confetti bombs. I asked Abby if she was up for it and we went out to frolic in the snow. It was cold! We packed up early and I stashed the confetti in my camera bag. We'll definitely be trying this again soon. What else in on my photography bucket list, you might ask? I've had a styled circus shoot penciled on that list since 2012. Abby and I are in the works of planning a twilight session with twinkle lights in some capacity and I'm excited to see what we come up with there! I truly believe that making creative bucket lists, so to speak, are a key ingredient to keeping

This is My Business Story, Part 3: 52 Weeks Project

PART THREE: 52 Weeks Project Confused? Read Part 2 of My Business Story Here or Start at the Beginning! After my 365 challenge ended, I felt sort of empty. I missed creating something just for fun and just for me. In January 2011, I started a 52 Weeks project before I headed back to Savannah from winter break. I scaled back a bit, making the goal one photo every week instead of every day. My 52 Weeks project started on the precipice of another very big change in my life. I was miserable in Savannah. I loved my new city, but really found myself questioning why I had picked SCAD in the first place. 1. It was far away from Wisconsin. 2. It was WARM. 3. I had created traditions with my roommate

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