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Brainard's Bridge | Waupaca, WI | Lifestyle Engagement Photography | Jenna + Adam

Jenna + Adam | Brainard's Bridge, Waupaca, WI | Lifestyle Engagement Photography Jenna and Adam are getting married at Pamperin Park in Green Bay this October, and I'm so excited for their wedding! We had a lot of fun running around Brainard's Bridge for their engagement session. They even brought their pup Eevie along for some super cute photos. I love it when my clients brig their pups along for the fun. She's going to be walking down the aisle at their wedding! Check out more Brainard's Bridge engagement inspiration right here! And, as always, keep scrolling to see more from Jenna and Adam's Waupaca Engagement Session!

This is My Business Story, Part 11: 2019, The Best Year of My Life

This is My Business Story, Part 11: 2019, The Best Year of My Life Confused? Read Part Ten here! 2019 started with my going to the doctor’s office bright and early to get poked in the arm. The sun was still coming up and I snapped a photo of the sky for my #annalovesmornings series before going inside. I treated myself to a McGriddle for breakfast afterward. My body didn’t feel like mine anymore, one month after my scary hospital stay and blastomycosis diagnosis. (Say that five times fast and I’ll give you a cookie.) I was still operating in survival mode then. So I did what I knew how to do when I felt the ache of change deep in my bones… Follow it until you feel like yourself again. I dyed

Wequiock Falls | Green Bay, WI | Lifestyle Engagement Photography | Rebecca + Richard

Rebecca + Richard | Wequiock Falls, Green Bay, WI | Engagement Session Rebecca and Richard are getting married this October at Heritage Hill in Green Bay, and I couldn't be more excited for their wedding! These two love waterfalls and suggested meeting at Wequiock Falls in Green Bay for their engagement session. I had never been here previously and — wow. This place is seriously magical. It had rained the night before and the falls were absolutely beautiful. Not to mention the cute lock bridge and all the great green space. Near the end of our session, someone driving past screamed out, "That's adorable!" and it made us all laugh out loud. Check out more Green Bay engagement inspiration here

This is My Business Story, Part 10: Pulmonary Blastomycosis, aka That Time I Almost Died

PART TEN: Blastomycosis Confused? Read Part 9 here! I could just as easily title this blog post, “That time that I almost died.” That would get people reading, right? Of course it would. But, this isn’t a big climactic story… or it doesn’t feel like one to me. There isn’t a car accident, no fiery explosions, no accidental drowning, no bombs in body cavities… This isn’t an episode of Grey’s Anatomy after all. …And yet, it very well could have been. Patient (i.e. me) presented with shortness of breath, wheezing, a productive cough, unexplained weight loss, pain in the right side and shoulder, and general malaise. Oh… and I should probably mention that I was coughing up blood before I finally w

Currently: June | Wisconsin Lifestyle Photography | Behind the Scenes

Wearing my old Mayday Parade tee and my trusty denim vest. Drinking all the coffee out my Rachel Allene mug collection because this girl is officially back to work! Editing all the engagement sessions! Watch my Instagram for sneak peeks! Getting ready for wedding season to start in a couple of weeks! Reminiscing on my Myspace days thanks to a fun little get together with my friends on Saturday. Listening to all my old favorite high school music. Spending some quality time with my family for a few days. Wishing y'all a happy Monday!

This is My Business Story, Part 9: Starting Over

PART NINE: Starting Over Confused? Go back and Read Part 8! 2018 felt like a big year right from the start. It was my first year dipping my toe back in to photography. I had 3 weddings scheduled for the summer, plus my best friend’s wedding that I was in instead of photographing. I was staying on track with my 365 project when we got the news that McDonald’s was closing in February for remodeling and was projected to be done in four months. Anyone that has ever worked in fast food can tell you that when a competitor closes, all of their customers flock to the next best thing. My life became a revolving door of sleep, drink coffee, go to work, come home, eat, repeat. 6 days a week, day in and

Cherry Blossoms | Waupaca, WI | Lifestyle Photography

Cherry Blossoms PHEW. Y'ALL. What a week it has been. I'm coming off a double-header weekend of engagement sessions. Sneak peeks are coming to my Instagram tomorrow! But in the mean time... Let's talk about the cherry blossoms. Every spring, I stalk this little grove of cherry blossom trees behind my bank, and every year I say to myself, "Man, I wish I had someone to take photos of with the cherry blossoms as the background." Kind of like my Waupaca County Fair photos from last summer, I'm really hoping someone will see this and be like, "Yes, that's awesome! I'M IN" and make all my dreams come true. #makeitpublicmakeithappen Abby came along for my little photo adventure this year, and we ha

This is My Business Story, Part 8: 365? Challenge Accepted - Round 2

PART EIGHT: 365? Challenge Accepted - Round 2 Confused? Read Part Seven Here On my twenty-fifth birthday in April, I decided I was going to return to my roots if I was going to get serious about photography again. 365? Challenge accepted. This time around, I was a little more forgiving with the boundaries around the project. All I had to do was take a photo. It could be with my phone, my big camera, Snapchat… it didn’t really matter to me as long as I had at least one photo to document my day. For an entire year, I documented my morning walks, pretty flowers, sunsets out the drive thru window at Hardee’s, and all the mundane and ordinary things in between. Most of the time, my daily photo en

Waupaca High School | Waupaca, WI | Class of 2020 | Senior Lifestyle Photography

Dear Class of 2020, this one's for you. I know graduation doesn't look like what you expected. It's hard. Disappointing. Sad. You can mourn the loss of your high school experience. It's heartbreaking and seems unfair that you were robbed, so to speak, of the last of your high school milestones. I still want you to be able to celebrate... so we're breaking out the confetti again! Don your cap and gown and come get some pictures taken to remember that crazy time when your senior year got cut short by quarantine — It'll make a great story one day. Trust me. I want to celebrate with you! Until July 1, 2020, I'm offering $50 confetti mini sessions to any Class of 2020 Senior (high school or colle

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