2020: A Year In Review | Wisconsin Wedding Photography

2020: A Year In Review | Wisconsin Wedding Photography

2020. What can I say about 2020?

How do you even describe the year that brought us "Five weeks of January," the sequel: "Six months of April," and the end of a year that can only be described as messy?

If I have learned one thing this year, it's this: We have to embrace the mess.

Messy hair, unbrushed and windblown. Messy calendars, full of scribbles and the best laid plans. Messy hearts, because we are all human and this year has been hard. In order to get out of the mess, you need to embrace it. Give it a hug and don't let go. Whisper sweet words in its ear. Tell it what it has taught you, the lessons you have learned, and how much you are thankful for it. When we embrace the mess, we're really embracing growth — one tiny joy, baby step, and little victory at a time.

This year has been all about the little things.

Staying home, quality time with the people we love, and the definition of business casual took on a whole new meaning this year. A lot of people I know were finally getting their *ish together, myself included. 2020 was supposed to be our year. In a way, I think we're all still mourning the-year-that-could-have-been.

When quarantine started in March, my heart broke wide open as my wedding couples literally watched the perfect day that they had so meticulously planned and prepped for dissolve before their eyes.

Here's hoping and fingers crossed that 2021 brings more good things on the tail end of a year that has left us questioning everything we thought we knew... everything we thought was normal.

Here's what y'all loved on the blog this year!

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Not using my camera for three months in the middle of quarantine, after the Safer At Home orders went into effect in March, allowed me to throw myself into publishing and sharing more here on the blog with y'all. Thank you for reading and popping by this little space I call home on the internet. I couldn't do all of this without all of you!

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Keep scrolling for a look back at all the engagement sessions, weddings, and families I photographed in 2020!

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