30-Second Dance Party: February | Wisconsin Lifestyle Photography | Playlist

Happy last day of February! This month was a whirlwind and honestly I'm not sure where the last four weeks went. My wedding vendor features have kept me busy all month long, and now I'm looking ahead to spring which is (hopefully) right around the corner. But I also won't hold my breath because last year we go almost 30 inches of snow on my birthday in April last year so... ;)

This month was all about dancing through the hard things. Every time I would sit down and try to write this month, I ended up dancing at some point or another. There's healing found in movement and in giving your body that grace to allow it to move and be free. My One Little Word this year is MOVE and it's always at the forefront of my mind whenever I bust out into a thirty-second dance party.

Listen to this month's playlist in the player below or on Spotify.


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