30-Second Dance Party: March | Wisconsin Lifestyle Photography | Playlist

Happy April! Where did March go?!

April means wedding season starts on Saturday! Followed by maternity pictures for my best friend, and then I turn 27 this month. I'm also announcing Spring Mini Sessions this week, so stay tuned for that! Now, onto the reason y'all are here... The MUSIC!

By now, I'm sure y'all have figured out that thirty-second dance parties are kinda my thing. They're a burst of energy and joy in times when the overwhelm seems like it's going to swallow you whole. At my old fast-food job, after a hectic rush that left everyone mad at the world, I'd always say, "Thirty-second dance party, go!" and everyone would move and groove and let the bad stuff go until the next rush came. It's the best form of therapy I can give away. It's free, quick and easy to do... All you have to do is move, no music required. Stressed? Thirty-second dance party.

Overwhelmed? Thirty-second dance party.

On the edge of burn-out? Thirty-second dance party.

Bored and restless? Thirty-second dance party.

Feeling uncomfortable? Thirty-second dance party.

It's my favorite way to get people to open up at the beginning of a photo session. When the sheepish wiggles at first turn into a full-blown impromptu dance routine to your favorite song, that's where the magic happens. That's where joy abounds and allows me to chase it down. I did a lot of dancing in March, and I'm for sure gonna keep dancing into April.

Listen to this month's playlist below or on Spotify.


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