30-Second Dance Party: May | Wisconsin Lifestyle Photography | Playlist

How is 2019 almost halfway over already?! June is one of my favorite months. My mom's birthday is in June, senior season starts, and it's OFFICIALLY SUMMER. Someone needs to bottle these early summer vibes so that I can pull them out of my back pocket come January when I am 100% convinced Wisconsin winter is never going to end.

This month's playlist is a good one, if I do say so myself, and it goes perfectly with your 3 PM iced coffee habit. I danced it out all month long—through doctor's appointments after getting sick over Memorial Day Weekend, conquering my fear of the dentist and getting a broken tooth removed, and having a moment while listening to "Back in my Body" by Maggie Rogers where everything just felt peaceful and perfect and exactly how life is supposed to feel in the spring. I'm sad to have to say goodbye to the lilac blooms and cherry blossom trees until next year, but this leaves room for all the daisies and peony season! Justin's mom's bush in front of the house already has the start of a blossom on it and I'm so excited.

Happy June!

Listen to this month's playlist below or on Spotify.


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