30-Second Dance Party: November | Wisconsin Lifestyle Photography | Playlist

Honestly, when November started, I thought it was going to be kinda chill, lots of coffee, catching up on editing... y'know, a little change of pace from October. And then I ended up booking sessions almost every weekend and bundling up and braving the cold, but the images that I made this month may be some of my very favorites. I'm alternating between coffee and hot cocoa while I edit. Everything will be hitting the blog in... April, I think? ;) If you're waiting on images from me, thank you for being patient!

In other news: 2020 pricing goes into effect on January 1! If you're getting married, need family photos, want to be super on top of your senior photos... now's your chance. You still have 29 days to schedule your session for 2020 or book your 2021 wedding and lock in 2019 pricing!

And now what you're really all here for... the tunes! My dance party playlist this month seems to have a theme of empowerment laced through all the songs that make me feel something in the very best of ways.

As always, listen below or on Spotify!


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