30-Second Dance Party: September | Wisconsin Lifestyle Photography | Playlist

Dear September, thank you for all the good light and pretty flowers, the changing of the leaves, and all the dance parties. This month's playlist is full of early 2000's Britney Spears and Destiny's Child. Sometimes you get in a mood and dancing to the songs you used to listen to in middle school is the only remedy.

October is going to be me attached to either my camera or my computer because #busyseason y'all. Which means lots of goodness coming to the blog this winter, but first I have to get all the work done. ;) Fall mini sessions, another 2020 engagement session, and I'm rounding out the month my last wedding of the year! I'm super excited, but please—send coffee (or gift cards).

Speaking of coffee... Grab your mid-day pick-me-up and get your dance party on! Listen below or on Spotify.


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