Brainard's Bridge | Waupaca, WI | Family Photography | The Lasky's

I love working with the Lasky's every year. They own Next Stop Kids Shop in downtown Waupaca. We collaborate as business owners for Mini Sessions every Spring, and then a few weeks later we get to work together again for their son Emmet's annual birthday photos. I've been doing his birthday pictures since he was two years old. (Check out last year's photos here!)

Amanda and Greg are two of the strongest people I know. Their son Emmet is a twinless twin. Amanda and I used to work together at Hardee's, and I watched her and Greg struggle with IVF to try and get pregnant. They lost Emmet's brother Scott Gabriel due to complications. The teddy bears used in their family photos every year represent Scott, to keep his memory and spirit alive. The small brown bear is Amanda and Greg's and weighs 1 lb., 8 oz. just like Scott did when he was born. The other bear that says, "Forever In My Heart" on the foot is Emmet's bear to always keep his brother with him. Emmet has a birth story much like my own; he was only 2.2 lbs. when he was born and spent a considerable amount of time in the NICU before coming home. I cannot imagine the paradox of love and grief wrapped up into an already hard journey into parenthood. The Lasky's are a group of warriors and I am so proud to know them.

On a lighter note, Amanda calls this first outfit Emmet's "Amish outfit" and it cracks me up. Keep on scrolling to see more of this sweet family session!

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