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I have known Joli... basically my entire life. Her parents are friends with my parents. Legend has it that when I was two or three, Joli gave me bubble gum (the kind that came in the tape roll) and I didn't know how to blow bubbles yet so I kept spitting it back into her hand, haha. She inspired me to switch from band to choir in high school, and she was also the in the first ever Haylofter's production I ever took part of: The Love Potion, circa 2001 (or maybe 2002?). Knowing Joli for as long as I have, it's such a treasure for me to be able to document her family. Easton has gotten so much bigger since we did family pictures last October!

Someone was being Mr. Grumpy-Gills in front of the camera at first, but he loved the bubbles I have stashed away in my car for emergencies such as this! When all else fails, let your kiddos play and I promise I will get you some adorable photos you will always love.

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