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Cherry Blossoms

PHEW. Y'ALL. What a week it has been. I'm coming off a double-header weekend of engagement sessions. Sneak peeks are coming to my Instagram tomorrow! But in the mean time...

Let's talk about the cherry blossoms.

Every spring, I stalk this little grove of cherry blossom trees behind my bank, and every year I say to myself, "Man, I wish I had someone to take photos of with the cherry blossoms as the background."

Kind of like my Waupaca County Fair photos from last summer, I'm really hoping someone will see this and be like, "Yes, that's awesome! I'M IN" and make all my dreams come true. #makeitpublicmakeithappen

Abby came along for my little photo adventure this year, and we had fun playing around with my macro lens for some social distancing photos. (See some of my past sessions with Abby here, here, and here!)

Be prepared: lots of flowers are up ahead. Keep scrolling for more springtime goodness!

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