Currently: April | Wisconsin Lifestyle Photography | Behind the Scenes

Currently: April | Behind the Scenes

Celebrating turning 28 tomorrow!

Wearing these awesome pants from She-In, plus rocking the quarantine messy bun.

Surviving the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic.

Sending all my love and support to everyone out there fighting on the frontlines.

Watching Grey's Anatomy... it's the perfect escapism factor right now.

Listening to a lot of Tegan & Sara (also a side effect of watching Grey's, haha).

Reading Jessica Simpson's memoir, Open Book.

Rescheduling sessions, weddings, mini sessions... my heart is breaking for all of my clients, and my calendar is full of scribbles.

Getting pretty deep on Instagram lately.

Admiring spring! She finally decided to show up in Wisconsin, plus or minus a few snowfalls haha. (But we're still waiting for everything to look pretty again.)

Loving Glossier's Skywash eyeshadow in the color Valley.

Drinking coffee (of course) out of my new mug from Matted Ink.

Cooking dinner almost every night. (This never happens.)

Wishing you guys a happy Monday!

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