Currently: February | Wisconsin Lifestyle Photography | Behind the Scenes

Living in my favorite seasonal shirts from Femfetti

Recovering from getting hit by the flu last week

Watching Jane the Virgin on Netflix

Listening to a lot of my old Adrian's dance party music

Dancing it out whenever I can

Celebrating my momma coming to visit me this weekend!

Admiring being able to breathe through my nose again (Thanks, prednisone!)

Breaking in a new pair of Converse (fun fact: I used to collect Converse in middle school!)

Counting down the days until Spring (31!)

Working on writing out my business story

Feeling super thankful for 10+ years of internet archives while I'm writing

Still figuring out the best format to share it when it's done

Kind of dreading doing my taxes for 2019

Knitting up a storm once my eyes start to cross from being on the computer for so long

Marveling that January felt like it was 10,000 years long and February is flying by

Wishing y'all a happy Monday!

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