Currently: February | Wisconsin Wedding Photography | Behind the Scenes

Currently: February | Wisconsin Wedding Photography | Behind the Scenes

Unthawing from the polar vortex + all the snow we've gotten recently.

Stocking up on kitty litter because I keep getting stuck in the driveway.

Drinking all the coffee out of my new favorite mug from Rachel Allene.

Watching Grey’s Anatomy from the very beginning again... ’Tis the season for it!

Celebrating Valentine's Day with white chocolate Reeses hearts and taking the best Sunday nap with Justin

Still looking for an apartment... and packing in the meantime so that we’re ready to move when we find a place.

Listening to taylors version of Love Story on repeat like the basic b that I am.

Okay, I might just be going through her entire catalogue.

Fixing the multitude of stuff that’s wrong with my car.

Dreading doing my taxes tomorrow, but thankful for my accountant who handles all my breakdowns.

Going to therapy every week before my therapist retires in April.

Giving myself lots of grace lately.

Trying to fix the things in my life that only I have the control to fix.

Writing down lists of good things, tiny joys, and little details in my planner to keep me sane.

Planning Spring Mini Sessions with my friends at Next Stop Kids Shop! Details coming soon!

Editing photos from a session with Abby and her sister, Lauren, back in January.

Bringing back my wedding vendor series in March!

Finishing Untamed by Glennon Doyle (finally!) and hb’s new book, Fighting Forward, is on deck.

Looking forward to a trip to Burlington in a couple weeks... can’t wait to see my family and hang out with one of my awesome 2021 wedding couples!

Speaking of 2021 weddings, the books are filling up for 2021! If you need a photographer, reach out now!

Wishing y’all a happy Monday!


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