DIY Tutorial: Silhouettes

DIY Tutorial: Silhouettes

Have you ever taken a blurry photo but loved it so much that you kept it anyway? I have tons of photos like that stored in my archives, and today I'm going to teach you how to do something with them instead of letting them just sit there in your cloud, collecting digital dust.

I was inspired by this photo from a family session I did in November:

The subject ended up not being in focus, but I included it in their gallery because I love the emotion that's present. You can feel the love between dad and daughter emanating straight through the photo, blurriness and all.

These out of focus photos are perfect for silhouetting! All you need to make these a reality are most likely things you already have in your home!

  • Printed photos

  • Paper clips

  • Black paper

  • Index cards/old photos

  • Glue stick or tape

  • 4x6 frames


That's kind of the entire idea of this project, haha. Take a scroll through your camera roll and look for photos with dynamic poses and figures that are definitely distinguishable from one another. Remember, the figures themselves will end up being solid black!

Step 2: Cut out your figures.

You can paper clip black paper to your photo while you're cutting out your figures.

OR, you can just cut out your figures from the photos and paint (or Sharpie, I'm not here to judge haha) them black!

Step 3: Figure out your backgrounds + placement

I had some old flower photos sitting around that I thought would be the perfect pop of color for these silhouettes. If you have some colorful old photos or magazine pages laying around, those make the perfect backgrounds for a simple project like this.

If you want a more traditional, classic look for your silhouettes, you can always use my old standby: plain white index cards.

Step 4: Glue your silhouettes down

I always use a glue stick when I'm working on simple crafts like this. But you can use whatever adhesive you have on hand. Rubber cement would also work really well, or regular Elmer's glue or even double sided tape! Like I said, adhesive is adhesive haha.

Step 5: Frame your new project

Frame your new project, find a spot to display it, and take a step back to admire your art.

This is the perfect easy, weekend project for you to accomplish on a Saturday afternoon! Invite your friends and family over and make a whole craft night out of it. But most importantly, get those photos out of the cloud and into your lives where you can enjoy them!

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