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Honestly, I've been sitting here staring at this space for so long trying to come up with the right words to describe this session. Noelle and I have known each other FOR-EV-ER. We did theatre together at the Haylofter's when we were kids and have basically been joined at the brain since 2007. She's the best friend I have ever had. I have watched her go from the hippie theatre girl that was more friends with my cousin Ashley than me, to the most amazing woman, wife, mother, and person I have ever known. Watching her become a mother the first time taught me so much about unconditional love, sacrifice, and compassion. I can't wait to see another beautiful transformation happen right before my eyes. (And get in alllllllllllll the squishy baby cuddles!)

When I told Noelle I was staying with my mom at the beginning of April for a wedding in Milwaukee, we started tossing around ideas about maternity photos.

"I just want some cozy, lazy Sunday of us at home," she said.

And from that moment, I knew this session was going to be fantastic. We documented one of their last lazy Sundays as just three, playing outside in the backyard and reading a book in bed together.

And their dog, Suka, just had to sneak in for a few photos too! ;)

Noelle is due at the end of May, and I can't wait to make another trip home for her newborn photos!

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