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My Top 5 Must Have Apps for Instagram

If you follow me on social media, you may have realized that I kind of love Instagram. It's hands down, the number one most-used app on my phone. (Trust me... My screentime stats for IG are ridiculous.) And I've rounded up my top 5 favorite apps for Instagram just for you. Everything from how I edit my photos to how I plan out my Instagram feed, and some IG Story apps to keep things interesting!

1. Lightroom Mobile + A Clothes Horse presets

Lightroom Mobile is a free app from the App Store. I use Classic Lightroom to edit all of my big camera photos, and I love having those same tools and tricks for editing my phone photos too! To keep some sort of consistency in my IG feed, I edit all my photos using my favorite presets from one of my favorite IG users, Rebecca aka aclotheshorse on Instagram.

2. A Color Story

Before I discovered Rebecca's Lightroom presets, circa 2018, I was constantly editing my photos with her Seasons pack that she did with A Color Story! (It's available for Desktop here and Mobile in the app.) These days, I use A Color Story's in app grid feature to plan out my Instagram feed a few weeks in advance. Their grid feature also allows you to pre-plan your captions and gives you a reminder when it's time for you post. And did I mention that the grid feature is FREE? It's been a total life changer, for sure.

3. A Design Kit

This is one of the sister apps to A Color Story and allows you to create basically whatever you want using either your own photos or backgrounds from their gallery. There's brushes to paint and add cool effects to your photos, stickers and awesome designs that pack a punch, and the ability to add text and cool collage photo effects. I mainly use it to make placeholder images when I'm planning out my Instagram feed, but check out their Instagram for more awesome inspiration for how to use this little app.

4. Template

This app is a bit on the newer side, and another one of the A Beautiful Mess gal's creations! It's the sister to their app Filmm and it's perfect for making Instagram stories! They have so many different looks to up your story game, and it's been fun for me to play around with when I show my client sneak peeks on Instagram stories. They also offer those cool multiple photo, panoramic looking gallery albums for your Instagram feed too.

5. Unfold

Another IG Story app. I've been using this one for a long time to do my sneak peeks and blog post round ups of sessions for my Instagram Story highlights. These days I've been combining Unfold and Template stories for an extra punch in my story game. I love the Ripped Paper, Analog Film, and Classic 1 packs the most!

That's it! My Top 5 Must Have Apps For Instagram. Are we friends on IG yet?! I'm always sharing content over there, in my feed and on stories! Let's be friends! @annagutermuth

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