Nels Rasmussen Park | Waupaca, WI | Lifestyle Photography | Abby Perket

Sometimes you just need a little something to let out some of that restless midsummer energy and taking pictures with Abby is always my remedy. It's the perfect blend of creativity, inspiration and collaboration whenever we hang out and take pictures together. We had originally planned on reusing Abby's prom dress for this shoot but her mom donated it after prom. (Check out Abby's prom pictures here!) So we went onto Plan B... This is why we always have a back-up plan!

We met up at the prettiest park in town and made some ethereal golden hour magic together. The flowers were in peak bloom for this time of year and it made everything so dreamy—it was just the thing I needed to jump back into my creative mojo again instead of channeling that energy into being fidgety and restless and b-o-r-e-d.

Working for yourself can get pretty lonely sometimes without having a dedicated outside of the home space to go to and with the absence of co-workers you see every day. I am endlessly grateful for my friends who say yes to my photo ideas.

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© Anna Gutermuth, 2021