Oak Rest Farms Sunflowers | Burlington, WI | Lifestyle Photography | Collins/Koenig Family

Cassie and I went to high school together, and I have loved watching her family change and grow over the last few years. Her kiddos are the sweetest, and watching them grow up via Facebook and getting to document their family journey through photos is so special to me. Photographing people I know and their families will never cease to amaze me. We had so much fun running around the sunflower field in Burlington for Sunflower Mini Sessions in July.

I offer Mini Session opportunities three times every year. My Spring Mini Session event with Next Stop Kids Shop, Sunflower Mini Sessions in Burlington, and Fall Mini Sessions. It's the perfect opportunity to round up your family and the people closest to you and get some updated pictures taken!

Sunflower fields have always held more than a little bit of magic to me. When I was four years old, the house next door to my grandma's house burned down on Christmas Eve. My mom called the fire department and my dad saved our neighbor off the roof of his burning home. After they demolished the house, sunflowers appeared in the empty lot the next summer. I remember sitting on my swingset in the backyard, watching them blowing in a summer breeze and thought it was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen.

Sunflower Mini Sessions would not be possible without the generosity of Oak Rest Farms Sunflowers and them opening up their field to the community every year.

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