Oak Rest Farms Sunflowers | Burlington, WI | Lifestyle Photography | Redmer/McCutchan Family

If y'all have been around for the last year or so, you might recognize Joli, Andrew, and Easton. They've been a huge supporter of my business over the last few years. For a fun throwback, check out the photos we took last summer! Easton is so much bigger now! These photos were actually taken exactly 365 days apart. Pretty cool, right? Photographing people I know and their families will never cease to amaze me. We had so much fun running around the sunflower field in Burlington for Sunflower Mini Sessions in July.

I offer Mini Session opportunities three times every year. My Spring Mini Session event with Next Stop Kids Shop, Sunflower Mini Sessions in Burlington, and Fall Mini Sessions. It's the perfect opportunity to round up your family and the people closest to you and get some updated pictures taken!

Sunflower fields have always held more than a little bit of magic to me. I took a solo trip to the sunflower field last year for some self-portrait therapy: just me, my camera, and my tripod. Running around the sunflower field taking self-portraits brought me the gift of freedom. I had just quit my fast food job six weeks prior and I was still trying to find my footing in this whole "working for myself" thing. The sunflower field reminded me of my "Why" last year, and I knew I wanted to be able to share the magic of the sunflowers in the years to come.

Sunflower Mini Sessions would not be possible without the generosity of Oak Rest Farms Sunflowers and them opening up their field to the community every year.

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