Oshkosh, WI | Lifestyle Engagement Photography | Yamini & McCall

When Yamini contacted me to set up her and McCall's engagement photos, she said, "We live right off the lake." When I pulled up to their house, I said, "You weren't kidding!" Just steps from the docks of Lake Winnebago, it made the perfect location for their engagement session.

The light was that perfect, hazy, early summer kind of light that makes anything seem possible. The lilacs were still in bloom. It was one of those days where you knew summer was coming any minute now. And then we were seriously questioning wearing all black and jeans when Mother Nature granted us one of the first summer-y days of the year.

These two also gave me the standard, "We're not that good in front of the camera... you might have to direct us" bit that everyone gives at the beginning of their session. I assured them: by the end of our session, they were going to have the posing thing down pat. And they totally did! I usually break it down and do the "stiff" formal poses first so we get those out of they way. After that, you kinda get into the flow of it and by the end, you can't stop laughing and smiling and touching your partner and gazing into their eyes. Almost like you love them and you can't wait to marry them or something! ;)

It also feels super special to be posting these romantic images this week because yesterday was my 7 year anniversary with my boyfriend, Justin!

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