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Rebecca and Michael are getting married at Becket's in Oshkosh in September. Their engagement session was so much fun! After we said hi in the parking lot, the first words out of their mouths were, "We don't know what we're doing..."

I laughed and said, "That's okay, because I do!" And it's true.

Your engagement session can be thought of in two different ways.

You can hype it up in your head to be this big scary debacle where someone is chasing you around with a camera...

Instead of going this route, I tell all my couples to think of it more like a date. You get to walk around a park and spend some quality time with your sweetie, AND you get cute pictures out of the deal! Plus engagement sessions really help you get comfortable in front of the camera so it's not so weird to feel like you're being followed by the paparazzi on your wedding day, haha!

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