Swan Park | Waupaca, WI | Lifestyle Senior Photography | Abby Perket

This session with Abby was really bittersweet. We had so much fun playing with these sparklers I had leftover from the 4th of July... but this was also our last session together before she leaves me to go to college 5 hours away from home. So, ya girl got a little emotional, may have shed a few tears, but all for good reason.

Abby and I have been taking pictures together since I picked up my camera again in 2018. We met at Hardee's when I was a shift leader there. Fun fact: Abby was actually my first orientation that I ever did by myself! We have taken hundreds if not thousands of images together over the last couple of years, and not having her close by whenever I get a crazy idea in my head is definitely going to be an adjustment.

From breaking out my heart-shaped sunglasses to that time Abby cut all of her hair off, her junior prom and the first signs of spring in Wisconsin, her actual senior pictures and every time we shoot something just for fun, seasonally, and we definitely can't forget the confetti bombs (+ round two for her graduation!), we always have so much fun taking pictures together.

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