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Top 5 Easiest Ways to PRINT Your Photos!

Some of you might know, I completely revamped my photography business in summer 2018 to make it a little easier for you guys, my clients, to enjoy your photos in real life. That means — you guessed it — PRINTING YOUR PHOTOS! No more letting them sit in your online gallery, in the cloud, or on your flash drive from your photographer stuffed in a drawer somewhere.

Raise your hand if you're guilty of never printing your photos! (You should also know that I'm raising it right there with you!)

All of my wedding collections come with a finished album, designed by me, with all of your favorite wedding photos inside. Families and seniors get a print package with their galleries, printed by my professional quality lab right here in the United States.

More than anything, after your session, I want you to be able to enjoy your photos in your homes and the first step is always getting those photos printed. I rounded up my top 5 easiest ways to get your photos off your phone and into your life!

1. FreePrints App

This little app seriously changed my life when I started scrapbooking for fun back in 2015. You get 85 free 4x6 photos every month that you can select right from your phone, they ship them right to your door, and all you have to do is pay $2-$3 for shipping. SAY WHAT?! You're in? I thought so. It's the easiest way to get those photos off of your phone and into your life! They also have a referral program where you get 5 more free prints with your first order, meaning you get NINETY 4x6 prints FOR FREE. Sign up here and you'll get your bonus prints, PLUS we'll both get five free bonus prints for the next six months!

2. Chatbooks

Chatbooks is a little miracle I found through my friends over at Coffee + Crumbs. Someone over there posted about these little photo books that automatically print straight from your Instagram feed once you have enough photos. Mamas, this will be a total lifesaver if you're behind on printing photos of your kiddos, and their plans start at $10 a month!

3. Artifact Uprising

As a photographer, I love love love Artifact Uprising. Their printing quality is top notch. Their photo books are a little pricey but they make a great investment that you will come back to time and time again if you take the time to sit down and make one! Pro tip: they also have customizable photo gifts like calendars that make awesome gifts for grandparents.

4. Reach out to your photographer!

Chances are, if you've had photos professionally done recently, your photog will have a hookup with a good printing lab. I'm talking PROFESSIONAL quality printing, true to life colors, and a lot better than Walgreens or Walmart could ever hope to produce. Quality printing becomes especially important the bigger you want to print your photos. If you want to go bigger than 11x14, definitely reach out to your photographer and see if they can help you. (If you're a past client and reading this, ya girl can totally hook you up! Shoot me an email and let's chat!)

5. Don't get overwhelmed!

I know printing photos seems like a marathon once you get started. If you have years and years of old photos to go through that you want to print, this task can seem mighty overwhelming. Trust me when I say that starting small is the first step. Start with photos you've taken in the last 30 days and go backward from there.

Use your 85+ FreePrints photos and get your favorite phone photos off your camera roll. Set up Chatbooks for your IG feed and forget about it until they start showing up at your door in physical form! For those professional photos, use Artifact Uprising or reach out to your photographer! You can do this. I pinky promise.

I hope this helps those of you that are sitting on years of digital archives, always saying, "Oh, yeah, I should do that" and then never get around to it. It's 2020, people! Print your photos!

© Anna Gutermuth, 2021