Then and Now | Wisconsin Wedding Photography | Behind the Scenes

Then and Now | Wisconsin Wedding Photography | Behind the Scenes

I had my first wedding of the season over the weekend, and started thinking about all of the weddings I have photographed over the last ten years. (How is it possible that I have been photographing weddings for TEN YEARS?) Just for funsies, I went back through the archives looking for moments from weddings past — because nothing documents growth better than ten years of photos.

Looking back, three things ring true within my portfolio: Connection, Little Things, and Loved Ones are the things I keep coming back to again and again at every wedding and every session.

You are entrusting your wedding photographer to tell your love story, and that has always been a huge deal to me ever since I started doing weddings in 2011. From my very first wedding, details and the little things captured my heart. Those small things that you so carefully planned months beforehand deserve their own moment in the sun (and in your wedding album!).

But the most important things are the connections between you and your spouse, your friends and family, and all of your loved ones. More than the posed, formal photos, you will remember the small moments of your wedding day. You will look back on these photos for years to come and laugh, smile, and cry at the memories and the moments these photos will bring back.

Keep scrolling for a little walk down memory lane, and a look back at some of the weddings I have done through the years!