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Top 5 Gifts for a New Mama

Mother's Day is right around the corner! My mom came up for a quick visit in February and when we finally exchanged Christmas presents, I realized how much I love giving gifts to my favorite people on earth. So in my true gift giving love language fashion, today I'm sharing all of my favorite gifts to gift to a new mama (or your own mom!).

1. Candles

I think it was Elise who wrote, "She may not have time to light this right now, but someday she will" in a blog post after she gave birth for the first time, and I've gotten all my mama friends a classic 3-wick candle from Bath & Body Works ever since then. The Vanilla Patchouli ones have been a big hit with all my friends and family!

2. A Good Book

I would recommend The Magic of Motherhood by Ashlee Gadd and the ladies over at Coffee + Crumbs! I've been following Coffee + Crumbs since its inception in 2014. The essays touch on different aspects of motherhood — everything from not being able to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans to how hard parenting and a partnership can be, to the simple joys you get to witness every day through the eyes and hearts of your kiddos. My mom and best friend both cried reading a few different essays, so you know it has to be good.

3. Encouraging Coffee Mug

If you follow me on Instagram and have seen my #annalovesmornings series, you know I'm a sucker for a good coffee cup. Rachel Allene has some of my favorite mugs to gift! Her You Are Loved mug is perfect to give to your own mom on Mother's Day, the Rainbow mug is a good gift to give to anyone you know who has suffered from a loss or miscarriage or fertility issues, and her These Are The Days mug is the perfect reminder to any new mama to cherish these days when their babes are still little.

4. Gift Card

To go along with that cute new coffee mug, remind the new mama in your life to treat herself! Starbucks are the easiest coffee gift cards for convenience sake, but if she has a favorite local coffee shop (and you know her coffee order), stop in and get her favorite latte as a treat for her in addition to the gift card! Her tired soul will thank you tenfold, I promise.

5. Professional Photos

If the mama you're gifting to has never had professional photos done, or if it's been a while since she's gotten some updated ones, this is a great gift to go in on with a few friends or family members! Reach out to her favorite photog and see if they offer gift certificates or a special discount on gifting a session. This is one gift she will cherish more than you think. (Hint: I do offer gift certificates for gifting sessions! Reach out and let's chat!)

Happy almost Mother's Day! I hope you guys get your mama (or yourself!) something she'll love.

*None of the links shared are sponsored or affiliate - I'm just sharing because I truly love it!


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