What's in My Camera Bag | Wisconsin Wedding Photography

What's in My Camera Bag | Wisconsin Wedding Photography

This kind of stuff always makes my inner nosy person rejoice a little inside (what can I say? My grandma was always the nosy neighbor sitting in the window... so I must get it from her, right?), so today I'm sharing what's in my camera bag with all of you!

Camera backpack from Amazon // I got this backpack before my last wedding of 2019, and it's come with me to every session I've had since then. It's perfect for weddings days and keeping the amount of stuff I bring with me to a wedding down to a minimum. This backpack also has tons of pockets and storage inside, which is perfect for memory cards and a spot for my car keys!

Body: Canon 6D Mark II // My full frame baby. I used to shoot with a little XSi that I've had since high school, and the difference in quality is amazing. If you're not shooting full frame, it's totally worth the investment! (And my vintage camera strap came from eBay!)

Lenses: 50mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.8, 100mm f/2.8 Macro // Nifty-fifty lenses have been my favorites since high school. I love shooting with prime lenses, and the low apertures are my savior during wedding receptions. I upgraded from the 50mm f/1.8 to the 1.4 last summer and keep the 1.8 stashed in my camera bag in case of an emergency. The 100mm Macro lens is what I use for all of my detail pictures at weddings! It's the secret to making those ring shots pop and is absolutely 100% worth the money if you're on the fence about getting one. In the future. I would love to add an 85mm and a 35mm lens to round out my prime collection!

On Camera Flash // To be completely honest, I really only pull out my flash to get all the party photos at wedding receptions, and this speedlite that came with my camera bundle gets the job done. One of my goals for the off season next year is to learn how to use off camera flash too!

Props: Ring Box from Etsy, Instax camera, Lensballs // I always keep this little velvet ring box in my camera bag for weddings and engagement sessions. It's always been the perfect little pop for detail shots and those photos of my client's gorgeous rings! I try to use my Instax camera to give my couples a souvenir to take home with them from their wedding day until they get their final gallery back. And the lensballs are just for funsies!

Confetti // I have yet to actually break out the confetti during a wedding day, but its always there just in case. Plus, it's better for it to be contained in my camera bag than somewhere my cats can get to it, y'know?

Spare batteries // I spend half of my time before your wedding packing and repacking my camera bag so that I always know where my extra batteries, haha. I have two designated charging spots in the house so my batteries are always good to go for your big day!

Tons of memory cards // Perks of being a photographer: having to keep track of tons and tons of photos. I finally have a system in place to organize my memory cards and I'm kind of in love with it. I never format a card until your photos are delivered to you, safe and sound, via your online gallery. Until then, a little bit of masking tape and a Sharpie goes a long way!

Wedding Day Emergency Kit (Pouch from Amazon) // This is really my favorite thing in my camera bag. I'm a 5w6 on the enneagram, and that 6 wing means my anxious brain is pretty much prepared for anything, worse case scenario. Everything in these pouches has saved me and my wedding couples more than once on a wedding day.

Speaking of wedding season, I am putting the finishing touches on my first wedding of the season this week, and I cannot wait to send it off to be loved on. I promise, promise I will share more soon! Happy Monday!