What To Look For When Choosing A Professional Photographer | Wisconsin Lifestyle Photography

What To Look For When Choosing A Professional Photographer | Wisconsin Lifestyle Photography

1. Style

a) Traditional or Documentary - Do you like posed photos that remind you of what grandma always hangs on her walls, or are you more of a fan of candid, documentary photography that focuses on moments rather than forced smiles? Trust me, it matters.

I like to get a little bit of both during every session. Parents and grandparents love those wall portraits, and my wedding couples appreciate my documentary approach to their big day!

b) Editing - Do you like their editing style? It is illegal to re-edit another photographer's work without a release or permission in writing from your photographer to do so. So all those Instagram filters you slapped on your wedding photos because it fit your vibe? Please, DON'T DO THAT. Make sure you pour over your potential photographer's portfolio so that you get a feel for their editing style and how your final photos might look.

My editing style can be described as warm, moody, and vibrant.

2. Budget

Do not break the bank just to get photos done. That being said, you also get what you pay for! If you pay a photographer $200 to capture your $20,000 wedding, I hate to say it, but your wedding is going to look like a $200 wedding. Your photographer should have a knowledge and skill set of how to work with different lighting scenarios to make your photos the absolute best they can be.

Most of the photographers I know, follow, and am friends with (myself included!), offer Mini Session opportunities a few times a year as a way to reach out to past clients and drum up new business by offering family or branding sessions at a discounted rate. This is a great event to jump in on and get professional photos done from your favorite photographer if you can't afford their normal rates!

3. Communication

Communication is key. Whenever I'm looking for services, I always take into account how the communication process between me — the customer, and them — the business, goes. Do they respond to your inquiries within a day? If so, that's usually a good sign to you that they know their stuff, put their customers first, and know how they bring value into your lives.

I always try to respond to all emails within 24 hours. It's a customer service practice that I learned working in a commercial studio, and it's served me well. My clients feel respected, appreciated, and I couldn't ask for anything more.

What do you consider the most when hiring a professional? Let me know your thoughts below!